The Phoenix Project

Bringing awareness and attention to the mental health crisis that exists in the first responder world.

Featuring Dr. David Griffin

Columbus, OH | May 5, 2023

First Responders’ Bridge

Mick Yinger

Save a Warrior

Jake Clark

Eagle Rare is proud and honored to announce Ronald “Jake” Clark as the winner of the 2018 Rare Life Award and Grand Prize of $50,000.

A true survivor, Jake has served in the U.S. Army, Secret Service, Los Angeles Police Department, FBI and National Guard. After battling suicidal thoughts following his career of service, Jake chose to devote his life to inspiring hope and teaching others how to survive the trauma of war. Today, he serves his fellow veterans, military members and first responders through his charity Save A Warrior.

His mission is to help fellow warriors lead meaningful and purposeful lives, giving them the tools to not only survive the trauma they’ve experienced but empower them to become servant leaders.

1 day

3 Speakers


May 5th

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Opening Event (Honor Guard/Introduction)



Dr. David Griffin (Charleston 9)


First Responders’ Bridge

Mick Yinger

Lisa Callander – Staff Clinician


Lunch Provided


Dr. David Griffin (Stress Management)


Save a Warrior

Jake Clark


Dr. David Griffin (Stress Inoculation)

May Day May Day: Sounding the Alarm about Mental Health struggles faced by members of the Firefighter Community

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